CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (WNCN) — A section of a street in Orange County has a tint of purple due to a defective light and it’s driving at least one local driver crazy.

The purple-tinted light is on Homestead Road near High School Road in Chapel Hill.

CBS 17’s Laura Smith has reported on several stories about the “purple light” issue. The North Carolina Department of Transportation and Duke Energy both say the purple tint is due to a “manufacturing defect” of the bulb. The defect causes the color of the light to gradually turn purple.

The NCDOT replaced its bulbs on the Triangle Expressway after several of them switched to a purple tint near U.S. Route 1.

Duke Energy spokesperson Jeff Brooks says they are actively working to identify lights that need to be replaced and he believes there are several thousand lights across central and western North Carolina affected.

“We are also asking the public to help Duke Energy identify these lights so that we can replace them more quickly. If you see a light that is purple or not performing properly, please report it,” said Brooks.

You can request to get a streetlight replaced by calling Duke Energy’s customer service center or using its online street light repair tool.

Brooks said crews typically repair the lights within two days of them being reported.

“The cost for the replacement is covered under our manufacturer’s warranty, so no costs to the customer for these replacements,” said Brooks.

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