Durham, NC (WNCN) – Multiple drivers have reached out to CBS 17 about a scary intersection that is driving them crazy. 

The intersection of concern is Angier Avenue and U.S. Highway 70, which is not too far away from Bethesda Elementary School. 

“At this point, cars are going in every direction,” a driver a named Mark said, “I see accidents and near misses constantly.”

He said not only is the intersection dangerous, but congestion on Angier Avenue is a “nightmare” during rush hour. 

“It’s worse at around 5:30 p.m. and morning rush hour. When it’s raining or wet, it’s heart stopping,” said the Durham driver. 

CBS 17 requested crash data from the N.C. Department of Transportation, finding there were 83 crashes at the intersection between January 2020 and March 2022. The report showed one fatal crash in 2022. Most crashes reported were either left-turning or rear-end types of accidents.

According to the North Carolina’s Crash Database, many traffic crashes go unreported for a variety of reasons, and this report simply provides a summary of all crashes on record that occurred within a 150′ y-line at the location described above. 

The crash report notes a decrease in traffic volume in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“In addition, the frequency of total crashes in 2020 was found to have decreased from prior years, but the frequency of fatal crashes in 2020 was found to have increased from prior years,” according to the N.C.’s Crash Database.

CBS 17 wanted also wanted to know if there are plans to improve the intersection of US highway 70 and Angier Avenue. 

According to a N.C. DOT spokesperson earlier this year, plans are in the works to temporarily improve the intersection. 

“We have a SPOT safety project planned that will make alterations to the intersection that will prohibit left turns from Angier Avenue onto westbound US-70,” said spokesperson Marty Homan. 

SPOT safety projects are low-cost improvement projects with maximum allocation per project of $250,000. These improvements are implemented quickly to correct safety problems at a specific intersection or section of road, said the N.C. DOT.

“Project locations are selected on a benefit-to-cost basis that considers the following: number of correctable crashes; severity of crashes, delays, and traffic congestion; number of criteria met for traffic signal installation; effect on vulnerable road users, such as pedestrians and bicyclists; proximity to schools,” said N.C. DOT’s Marty Homan.

A contract is on the schedule to be awarded in the spring of 2023. One driver believes a traffic signal would be the best solution.

“Not being able to make the left onto Angier is a bad solution, driver Mark said, “the only other way to get to Angier will be from Page Rd or all the way around from Miami Blvd.”

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