CLAYTON, N.C. (WNCN) — A traffic light at a busy intersection in Clayton is driving a Johnston County woman crazy so she reached out to CBS 17’s Laura Smith for help.

Deanne Jenkins wants to see a permanent green turn arrow at the traffic light on Buffalo Road at N.C. Highway 42 to help with traffic flow turning left onto the highway.

In an email, Deanne Jenkins said “the turn signal flashes yellow and red for cars to turn. The intersection is very busy and hard to see if the cars flying through the intersection are turning or going straight.”

She said she noticed a car almost get hit the other day at this intersection. I took Jenkins’s concerns to the North Carolina Department of Transportation.

Spokesperson Andrew Barksdale says Buffalo Road at N.C. 42 is under construction and part of the widening project from Glen Lauren Road to Buffalo Road. The NCDOT plans to add a green turn arrow at this intersection over the coming weeks.

“By May or June, we should be ready to convert the flashing left arrow with a protected (solid) green left-turn arrow,” Barksdale said. “Once the project is completed by this fall, we’ll go back and make any adjustments to the timing of the upgraded traffic signal to improve how it functions and handles the traffic going through it.”

The Clayton driver who reached out to CBS 17 said this is great news and she’s so happy to hear the intersection will be made safer for all drivers.

By the fall of 2022, N.C. 42 will be widened to four lanes with a median. There will be additional traffic signals and turn lanes at certain intersections.

Barksdale said the highway will remain in a two-lane pattern, one lane in each direction, until more work is completed.

CBS 17 will keep drivers posted on project updates. In the meantime, do you have something driving you crazy on the roads? Email Laura Smith at