NORLINA, N.C. (WNCN) — A turn lane that ends is driving one Warren County driver crazy, so he reached out to CBS 17 hoping to get answers.

In an email, William King said “On Hwy 158-401 East in the town of Norlina, NC the State Highway Department provides a turning lane for Dollar General. Within 20 feet, the State Highway Department didn’t provide a turning lane for Yancey Rd.”

In pictures, you can see where the lane ends and basically becomes a marked-off median. King wants to see the turn lane extended so drivers turning onto Yancey Road can turn safely off the two-lane road.

CBS 17’s traffic anchor Laura Smith reached out to the North Carolina Department of Transportation to see what can be done.

Spokesperson Marty Homan said this area of Highway 158-401 is just not wide enough to extend the turn lane.

“From the aerial view you can see it tapers,” said Homan.

He said the roadway could be “potentially” widened during a future resurfacing project, which he said is set to happen in 2025.

“The Dollar General paid for the turn into their parking lot,” said Homan.

Highway 158-401 at the Yancey Road area was last resurfaced in 2013.

King hopes the NCDOT will step up sooner rather than later to help make the road safer.
CBS 17 will stay on top of this story as updates come in.

In the meantime, do you have something driving you crazy on the roads? Email Laura Smith at and she can get you answers too.