RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — In the wake of the tragic mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas on Tuesday, many families are grappling with how to talk about it, particularly with children.

A clinical psychologist at Duke, Dr. Robin Gurwitch sat down with CBS 17’s Liz Ortiz to share ways to help ease the fear of children and the fears also felt by parents.

As for easing parent concern and worry stemming from the Texas shooting, Dr. Gurwitch encourages parents to take a deep breath and remember that “the actions we take will resonate with our children.”

The key is committing to having a conversation.

Dr. Gurwitch said a great place to start is asking your child what they known already and what they’ve heard to understand if they have any misinformation or misconceptions about the Texas shooting.

“We can never tell our children ‘don’t be worried, it can’t happen here,'” said Dr. Gurwitch. “We can’t say it won’t, we can only say here’s what we’re doing to make sure we’re as safe as possible—that’s the message.”

When it comes to the frequency of mass shootings and their impact on the mental health of children, Dr. Gurwitch said “the more that we have, the more concerned and worried children are going to be.”

Dr. Gurwitch also pointed out that between receiving information related to the pandemic and other issues and adding multiple mass violence events to that, children will be more anxious and worried and that should be met with more patience and understanding.

Tips from Dr. Gurwitch also included reassuring kids that their school is doing everything possible to keep them safe and even taking some family time to regroup and enjoy time together with family game night or a walk around the neighborhood.