DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) – More than 94,000 ballots in Durham County had to be entered manually Tuesday, causing a late swing in the race for North Carolina’s governor.

Wednesday, the McCrory campaign said they have concerns about why thousands of ballots suddenly emerged at the end of the night.

The Durham Board said those votes didn’t suddenly emerge and that the delay to submit the votes was because of an error on the cards with election results.

The governor, who’s in a tight race with Attorney General Roy Cooper, said his campaign is going to look into the issue.

Cooper leads McCrory by just 4,980 votes across the state.

“We just had a major new vote coming out of Durham, North Carolina in the last 40 minutes,” McCrory said in an early morning speech to supporters.

McCrory said the election was not over in that same speech. Just minutes later, Cooper declared victory to his supporters.

Back at Durham County’s Board of Elections office, officials were still counting more than 94,000 votes.

Kate Cosner, the chief of staff at the Durham Board said on election night, six electronic cards, five from early voting sites and one from a precinct, had an error and could not be read on a computer system.

When ballots are cast at the polls, tallies are made both electronically and physically.

“There was never a difference between the numbers. Ever,” Cosner said.

The McCrory campaign said they have grave concerns over potential irregularities in Durham County.

“We’re going to check everything. We’re going to make sure every vote counts in North Carolina,” McCrory said.

Cosner said all the information from those six cards has been entered into the system and the county experienced minimal issues this election.

“I would say that this is an end to a very interesting election year,” Cosner said.

As far as those six cards, they are locked up in a vault right now.

The county said it’s not uncommon for cards to have these issues, and that it’s not a high priority to look into the error because all the information, which was the same on the backup tape, has been put in.