DURHAM, N.C.(WNCN)- Pfizer has reported three doses of the vaccine offers strong protection for kids under five. CBS 17 spoke with a family who participated in COVID-19 vaccine trials at Duke Health.

Caden and Tyler Somarelli were part of Pfizer’s COVID vaccine trials at Duke. CBS 17 asked their mother, Meagan Dunphy-Daly, how she explained to her boys why they needed to get the shot.

“We’ve talked a lot to our four-year-old about what he’s doing and how it can help protect his friends and him down the line,” Dunphy-Daly said.

Some participants got the vaccine while others got the placebo. Dunphy-Daly told CBS 17 she will find out on June 13 whether her sons received the real vaccine or the placebo. If they received the placebo, they will be able to get their first shot that day.

Either way, Dunphy-Daly was glad to finally see a light at the end of the tunnel.

“This whole time, it’s felt like everybody else has moved on and because we have two children under five, we haven’t moved on,” Dunphy-Daly said.

Pfizer will give their data to U.S. regulators this week, in hopes of getting parents a step closer to having their youngest children vaccinated.