DUNN, N.C. (WNCN) – After Republican Congresswoman Renee Ellmers got out of her car to vote Tuesday, she greeted a woman by name and then told the woman she had “gained some weight.”

Ellmers continued walking by and said, “You’re eating a little bit too much pork barbecue. Whoo!”

The woman, Maggie Sandrock, is a former chair of the Harnett County Republican Party. Sandrock said she worked on Ellmers’ previous two runs for Congress, but is supporting Republican Congressman George Holding this time.

The two members of Congress are running against each other for their party’s nomination in North Carolina’s 2nd Congressional district after district lines were re-drawn.

CBS North Carolina asked Sandrock for her reaction to Ellmers’ comments on her weight.

“Typical Renee,” she said.

“She has become a mean girl on steroids in my view.”

CBS North Carolina asked Ellmers about what she said to Sandrock.

Reporter: “I heard when you pulled up, you said to the woman that she’s gained some weight.”

Ellmers: “She’s gained some weight. Yea. She’s put on a little weight.”

Reporter: “Are you friends with her?”

Ellmers: “Yeah, I know her. She’s actually, I think she lives in Lillington, but she’s part of the Republican Party.”

Reporter: “Are you friends with her?”

Ellmers: “Sure!”

Reporter: “Would she describe you as friends?”

Ellmers: “I don’t know.”

Sandrock said the two know one another on personal and political levels.

“This is not personal,” Sandrock said. “I think she’s a lovely woman. She has a great family. She has been a member of this community forever. She’s a nurse. She’s a caregiver.”

“I would consider her a friend, but certainly not a good one. Good friends don’t tell you you’re fat or you’re getting fat. They may say, ‘Everything going well Maggie? You look a little stressed out.’

“But they don’t say, ‘Too much pork barbecue, Maggie.’”

Following his victory over Ellmers, Holding referenced Sandrock while addressing his supporters.

“One lady down in Harnett County, Maggie Sandrock, got there at 6:15 this morning and worked until 7:30 this evening. And her story is typical of a lot of the other volunteers who are out there as well,” Holding said.

When asked by CBS North Carolina about the incident, Holding said, “Maggie is just a wonderful lady and I am just really honored to have her support. You know, she worked that poll from 6:15 this morning to 7:30 tonight and to have someone like that who will stand up for you is just really humbling and honoring to me.”