FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) — The owner of Healy Wholesale Company, Mac Healy, worries about the rising diesel prices.

“If the tide doesn’t turn soon, I’m afraid that everything you’re going to see is going up, going up, going up,” Healy said.

The wholesale company employees more than 100 people and distributes beer and wine to businesses in ten counties across North Carolina.

“Our hope is to keep those shelves full. So, when the guy does have to pay $90 to fill his pickup he can at least go and get a six-pack to forget his sorrows,” Healy said.

Suppliers deliver Healy’s products to his Fayetteville warehouse.

“They are bringing wine and beer for me from Atlanta and that’s a hell of a cost increase on those trucks,” he said.

Though suppliers have not passed on that cost to him, Healy Wholesale is still feeling the wrath of the steep diesel prices. Just three months ago, the company paid $22,000 for a tanker of diesel. Now it’s paying $40,000 for the same amount.

“Short term, we are all happy to eat that and just absorb that expense. But, at some point it’ll get passed on by my supplies. I’ll have no alternative,” Healy said.

Mike Baker was picking up beer from Healy Wholesale for his VFW Post. This was his smallest beer order in three months. Baker said fuel prices are having a negative impact on post activity, keeping the usual crowds away.

“If people ain’t coming to spend money, I’m not be able to give out money to Sandhill Cemetery, the VA Hospital, the nursing homes, helping veterans, because a portion of our sells directly goes to those things,” Mike Baker, Commander with VFW Post 670 said.