FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN)–Fayetteville Regional Airport unveiled its latest terminal upgrades on Wednesday morning.

The $37 million renovations included expansion of the facility, several new and updated amenities including the terminal entrance canopy, enhanced security screening checkpoint area, reconstruction of the rental parking lot, Concourse B upgrades, new airline offices and counter spaces, new escalators, and elevators, upgraded baggage claim wings and new administrative offices.  

Fayetteville Regional Airport Director Toney Coleman said renovations started several years ago with concourse A and new jet bridges. On average, around 400,000 passengers use the regional airport each year. Many of the passengers are military or business leaders. Delta and American Airlines are the only two airlines offering flights to three hub destinations including Atlanta, Charlotte, and Dallas.

“We are ready, willing, and able to accommodate any new flights that want to come in here,” Coleman said.

He also said it’s been a challenge to get new carriers and flights to the airport with larger airports nearby; Coleman hopes the incentives offered may change that.

“There is an incentive program that allows them to come to Fayetteville and not pay any landing fees for two years,” Coleman said.

The airport director also said the airport is looking to add low-cost carriers as well in the future.

“When they come to Fayetteville, they do have the potential to raise the price a little bit, and still make a profit. Oppose to having to reduce the profit at other airports and lose what they would have gained if they had of flown out of Fayetteville,” Coleman said.

Airport officials said there will be a third phase of upgrades. It will include the roof, signage, and the jet bridge area.