FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) – The images drew eyes from around the world – a PTSD service dog, shot 10 times on video.

Now, the bereaved owner of the dog is speaking out.

Matt Dyer, a Fort Bragg soldier, adopted Huey before being deployed to Korea for a year.

“I don’t eat, I’ve lost 17 pounds, my sleep pattern is all messed up,” he said. “I can’t focus on anything”

Dyer says that, although he and his wife were separated, she agreed to care for Huey during his deployment.

It’s hard for Dyer to watch the video.

“I don’t want this,” he said. “Can you please pause it? I don’t want to see it again.”RELATED:Fort Bragg soldier accused of shooting dog 5 times

Deputies say the video shows 3-year-old Huey being shot five times by Dyer’s estranged wife and five more times by the wife’s boyfriend.

“Huey was already dead and he goes pop, pop, pop and you just see his body moving every time the bullets hit him,” Dyer said.

Marinna Rollins and Jarren Heng now face felony charges of cruelty to animals and conspiracy.

He says during his deployment, she got Huey certified as an emotional support dog.

She then changed the dog’s name to “Cambouis.”

“I felt like her having to take care of Huey would be good for her and would be good for Huey,” Dyer said.

Sheriff’s deputies recovered Huey’s remains in Harnett County earlier this week.

Rollins and Heng are now out on bond.

Thursday, CBS North Carolina stopped by Rollins’ apartment, but no one answered the door.

Meanwhile, Dyer said he only wants justice for his precious pup.

“If I got up and went to the bathroom, he’d be standing in the bathroom door looking at me,” Dyer laughed. “And I’ll never have that with him any more.”

Rollins and Heng are due back in court later this month. A protest is planned at the count court house.