FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) – The electronic eyes of Fayetteville are back up and running after many sustained damage during Hurricane Matthew more than a year ago.

Now, if you’re walking around downtown, there’s a good chance you’ll be caught on camera. They’re the cameras usually posted near the top of a street lights.

Police say they can see you in real time but they’re only using it to solve crimes.

One by one, the cameras are slowly turning back to the streets.

Dozens now up and running after they were down for almost a year.

“During Hurricane Matthew, we had issue with the cameras due to the extreme flooding and wind,” said Fayetteville Police Sgt. Shawn Strepay.

Police say they were without their most reliable witness until they got more reliable vendors to get the cameras working again.

Now, police say they watch in areas they couldn’t before.

“If we know something happened at this location, we’re able to track that footage and track the movements to see where they came from and where they went after the fact so we can actually track down those people,” said Strepay.

Police say they can watch in real time and see what really happened on the street and record it.

“Those officers that are viewing those cameras are able to have officers on the street that are dispatched at certain locations based on what they’ve seen,” said Strepay.

Police say the cameras have played a key role in everything from homicides to petty crimes, and now they’ll have more ways to watch.

But the work is not done yet.

Police say the city is still working with vendors to get more of the cameras working again.