GOLDSBORO, N.C. (WNCN) – It’s been exactly three years since the coal ash spill at the Dan River.

In February 2014, an underground pipe burst at a Duke Energy steam station, spilling nearly 39,000 tons of coal ash into the river.

It led to North Carolina lawmakers requiring the Utility to close all of its coal ash ponds by 2029.

Those who live nearby the H.F. Lee Power Plant in Goldsboro are calling for faster cleanup of coal ash ponds statewide and stricter rules for the process.

Neighbors are concerned about the potential health risk the coal ash could have on their drinking water.

Contaminants commonly found in coal ash showed up in nearby wells.

“The wrong has been done, there’s no question about that. Correct that wrong. Let’s start this all over again,” said Goldsboro resident Bobby jones

Duke Energy provides an alternative water supply to those living next to coal ash ponds across the state.

The company maintains coal ash is not the source of contamination found in nearby wells.