EMERALD ISLE, N.C. – (WNCT)  Emerald Isle Town Manager, Frank A. Rush on Tuesday night released the Town’s final press release on the July 4th deck collapse that left more than 20 family members injured.

The report details the emergency calls and response times and includes an update on the cause of the accident from the Carteret County Planning and Inspections Department.

The police report says that 26 people were on the deck when it failed — and that 16 of those were hospitalized.

According to the release, The Town’s investigation is complete. The investigation was not a criminal investigation, and no criminal charges have been filed. The incident is considered to be a civil matter between private parties, and those parties will proceed according to their judgement.

The report says there were no documented complaints or other deficiencies on record with the Town of Emerald Isle in regards to the home located on 4403 Ocean Drive, which rents for $3,000+ per week in the high season.

A summary of the Building Inspector’s findings included that the collapse was a result of corroded fasteners.  It also added, the construction methods used when the home was built in 1986 followed common construction practices outlined in the NC Building Code at that time.

The house at 4403 Ocean Drive was for sale at $1.1 million as of July 4, according to real estate websites and Zillow. The house has 6 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms and  last sold for $360,000 in 1993 , according to information from Zillow.

As far as what’s next for the Town of Emerald Isle, the report says NC General Statutes do not currently grant authority to NC cities and counties to conduct periodic building code or deck inspections of vacation rental units, but officials there are looking to change that.

The Town will start soliciting input from various parties in the coming weeks and will discuss appropriate strategies to attempt to prevent such incidents in the future.

They will also look to provide enhanced public education efforts and pursue potential changes to state law, NC Building codes and strengthen their relationship with vacation rental agencies to promote deck safety.You can read the full report here.