TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WFLA) – City of Tallahassee police are searching for a man involved in a what can only be described as a “Florida story.”

Police were called to a restaurant for the report of a man damaging property on Tuesday.

When officers arrived, they found the restaurant flooded.

According to police, the suspect went into the bathroom and ripped the urinal off the wall.

When the man was confronted by angry employees, he stripped naked and ran into the woods to avoid capture, police say.

“A grown man running around naked is certainly going to attract more attention than whatever he was wearing prior to,” Tallahassee police wrote on Facebook. “Plus, you have to wonder how that plan turned out for him…you know…naked…woods.”

Video of the suspect was turned over to officers and members of the Criminal Investigations Bureau are working to identify him.WHAT OTHERS ARE CLICKING ON