Food Lion Kitchen: Horchata


Horchata:Serves 4-6 (5.5 Cups)

My essentials White rice, rinsed- 1 Cup

Water, hot- 4 Cups

Cinnamon stick- 1, 3inch whole piece

Coconut milk- 1 Cup

my essentials Evaporated milk- 1 Cup

my essentials Sugar- ¼ Cup

Food Lion Honey- ¼ Cup

Food Lion Vanilla extract- ¼ tsp

Garnish- Food Lion ground cinnamon- ½ tsp

1)      Soak Rice in hot water with whole cinnamon stick for about 1 hour

2)      In a food processor or blender, blend rice, soaking water and cinnamon together. Blend for about a minute then add coconut and evaporated milk, honey, sugar and vanilla and blend together a minute longer. Let mixture sit at room temperature for a few hours or in the refrigerator overnight.

3)      Strain mixture into a pitcher and serve over ice or cool in the refrigerator and serve cold. May garnish with another cinnamon stick or some of the ground cinnamon.

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