Food Lion Kitchen: Sweet Potato Wedges


NC Chef’s Academy Ryan McGuire creates a Sweet Potato Wedges recipe.

Sweet Potato wedge

Yield- 19, ½ Cup servings

Sweet potatoes (local 90-100ct)- 6 pounds

Spice mix (sub recipe)- 2Tbsp.

Food Lion Canola or vegetable oil- 2 oz.

1) Scrub sweet potato skins well in a sink designated for cleaning vegetables and place in a clean container.

2) Cut sweet potatoes using the 6 cut potato wedger. Make sure the wedging device is securely fastened to a table or wall. Wear a cut glove on the hand that will be catching the wedges from the blade.

3) As the potatoes are being cut, place in a large bowl.

4) Add oil to the bowl first and toss potatoes to coat all the wedges well.

5) Add the spice mix and toss to coat all wedges evenly.

6) Spread potato wedges out evenly on a full sheet tray.

7) Place sheet tray with potato wedges in a convection oven on high fan speed at 350 degrees. Set the timer for 15 minutes. After the initial 15 minutes, remove pan, shake pan a little to prevent from sticking, rotate pan and cook for another 15 minutes. Sweet potatoes should be golden brown and soft when pierced with a fork but not falling apart soft.

Spice Mix

Yield- 5T

Food Lion Paprika- 2T

Food LionCumin- 1T

Food Lion Onion powder- ½ tsp

Curry powder- 1tsp

Food Lion Ginger powder- 1tsp

Food Lion Cinnamon, gound-1/4 tsp

Salt- ½ tsp

1) Place all ingredients in a bowl and mix to incorporate well.

2) Label and store in an air tight container.

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