Food Lion Kitchen: Tzatziki (Cucumber Mint Yogurt Dip)


Chef Ryan McGuire, Chef Instructor of the Chef’s Academy, creates tzatziki in the Food Lion Kitchen.

Taste of Inspirations Yogurt, Greek

Cucumber, grated

Nature’s Place Garlic, minced

Mint, fresh

Food Lion Lemon juice

Food Lion Salt and Food Lion Pepper

6 oz

4 oz

½ Tbsp

½ Tbsp

1 Tbsp

To taste

1)      Peel and remove seeds from cucumber and grate in a small bowl

2)      In a separate bowl add yogurt, minced garlic and chopped herbs

3)      Squeeze the grated cucumber and remove the liquid. Place into the bowl with your yogurt, herbs, lemon juice and fold together seasoning with salt and pepper.

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