MORRISVILLE, N.C. — As many of you are starting to plan your summer vacations, one airline is making a major service expansion at RDU.

Airport officials announced the return of several pre-pandemic destinations including New Orleans and Long Island. They’ll also add flights to and from airports like Indianapolis and Syracuse.

“Raleigh performed better than the average performance in our system in terms of profitability and that was a really good sign that the demand is here,” said Daniel Shurz, a senior vice president with Frontier.

Shurz says they’re expecting even more passengers because it may be cheaper for some people to fly rather than drive, especially if you drive a gas-guzzling truck or SUV.

“Higher fuel prices mean we can relatively offer more affordable travel in that situation,” Shurz said.

Other new or returning destinations include Cincinnati, Detroit, New York/Hudson Valley and Providence.

The company said flights will start in April.