RLAEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – GasBuddy said gas prices are forecast to drop before the July 4 holiday but that relief isn’t likely permanent.

Patrick De Haan, head of petroleum analysis at GasBuddy, said “volatility” in markets is still high and warned of a “super spike” in gas prices later in the summer.

“We still could see a super spike in gas prices later this summer, should a hurricane threaten Gulf Coast oil refineries or oil platforms,” said De Haan. “Motorists should know that while we may see small relief today, risks remain that prices could go up at a moment’s notice and set new records again.”

A survey by GasBuddy shows high gas prices aren’t stopping Americans from traveling this summer.

Of the 58 percent of Americans planning on taking a road trip this summer, 33 percent were traveling for the July 4 weekend.

On Wednesday, President Joe Biden urged Congress to suspend federal gasoline and diesel taxes for three months.

If savings from the 18.4 cents-a-gallon federal tax on gas are fully passed along to consumers, drivers would save about $2.76 for a 15-gallon fill-up, according to the Associated Press.

Wednesday’s average price of a gallon of unleaded in Raleigh is $4.61 – below the national average of $4.95, GasBuddy reports.

Prices have ticked down slightly since their peak on June 11.