Editor’s note: This story has been updated to clarify that Robinson’s speech occurred last month.

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN/WGHP) — Gov. Roy Cooper (D) responded Tuesday to a Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson speech and called it “dangerous.”

In a tweet, Cooper posted a clip of Robinson’s speech, where the Republican threatens to use his AR-15s in case “the government gets too big for its britches.”

He made the comments earlier this month at a church.

“This is dangerous and not who we are as patriotic North Carolinians,” Cooper tweeted. “An elected official sworn to uphold the constitution advocating violent overthrow of our govt puts our safety at risk.”

Cooper’s tweet comes after Robinson spoke at the NRA convention in Houston over the weekend, days after the Uvalde mass shooting.

In his speech, Robinson also said he would not go “down without swinging” in fighting against gun control.

He said proponents want to “disarm” Americans, accusing federal lawmakers supporting gun control of wanting to leave “patriotic citizens of this nation unarmed and defenseless.”

“We are not going to go off into that good night, without standing up for our rights.”

Robinson is a board member for the NRA, and the NRA has embraced his championing of guns since before his political career even properly began, with Robinson’s viral remarks at a Greensboro City Council meeting put into an NRA commercial.

On May 25, Cooper posted a video calling for updated, stricter laws on gun ownership.