GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — The news just continues to be good for Parker Byrd.

The ECU freshman, who lost part of his right leg during a boating accident last summer, was fitted for a new prosthetic this week. His mother, Mitzi Byrd, posted the good news on her Facebook page.

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In her Facebook post, Mitzi talked about an organization called Challenged Athletes Foundation, which offered Parker a grant to get a new prosthetic. This week, Mitzi, her husband Jeff and Parker have been with prosthetist David Rotter in the Chicago area. Rotter is recognized as one of the top prosthetists in the country.

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Photos that Mitzi posted on Facebook show Parker being fitted with the prosthetic, testing it out and getting some pointers from Rotter. The photos, and Parker’s smile, say a lot about how the trip went.

“There is an incredible organization called the Challenged Athletes Foundation that offered Parker a grant to purchase a new prosthetic. It is one that will help him get back on the baseball field faster. This specific prosthetic is made by a mastermind prosthetist named David Rotter, located outside of Chicago. David is so gifted, compassionate, and patient. He doesn’t quit until you are completely happy and comfortable with the prosthesis. So Jeff, Parker and myself have been in Illinois all week getting him the new leg. It was an experience that is hard to put into words. David’s office is set up for people to congregate with each other in the “living room.” People come from all over the US to have limbs made by him. We have spent the week with the most amazing people, with unbelievable stories. We got to witness some moments that we will never forget. We thought we were going for a new leg but we are definitely leaving with more than just that. We can never express enough gratitude for the whole experience!”

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Byrd has been working with the ECU baseball team while also taking some classes. He is serving as a manager on the team and has aspirations to fulfill his baseball scholarship and step back on the field to play for the Pirates.