RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – Staying fit and flu free has been easier said than done this year.

Gyms are tasked with keeping their customers healthy in the middle of a difficult flu season.

“We do try to put a lot of things in place that can prevent the spread of those germs,” said Cassie Blankenship, one of the owners of Tapout Fitness in Raleigh.

Blankenship told CBS North Carolina she and other staff clean all the weights, the floor, the machines, anywhere where germs could spread.

“We haven’t seen as much of an impact as many other places have,” said Blankenship.  “We have seen a slight increase in some of our members having to put their accounts on hold because the flu has hit their household pretty hard.”

The gym has hand sanitizer, wipes, spray and mops.

Blankenship said the gym treats it like it’s flu season all year round.

The gym is cleaned three times a day and spot cleaning checks on equipment are done by staff throughout the day.

Customers, like Anthony Gonzales, do their part throughout the day, too.

“It’s not always just the flu, but pretty much anything, I mean sweat can get pretty gross,” said Gonzales.

A team effort to try and stop the spread of the flu.

“We have a pretty strict cleaning protocol,” said Blankenship.WHAT OTHERS ARE CLICKING ON: