CLARKTON, N.C. (WECT) – A haunted house donated half of its Halloween night proceeds after a terrifying accident over the weekend sent a teenager to the hospital.

Frankie Burney, who works at the Clarkton Haunted House in Bladen County, said a 16-year-old boy ran out onto the street Saturday night and was hit by an SUV.RELATED: Teen scared by NC Haunted House chainsaw man runs into road, is hit by SUV

Witnesses said the victim was running away from an actor with a chainsaw.

Burney said the victim and the actor were friends, and the actor tried to get him to stop when he ran too far.

About half the actors in the haunted house are first responders, so Burney said the victim was able to get help quickly after he hit the passenger side of the car.

“As soon as the word ‘he got hit by the car’ was spoken, they were down there,” Burney said. “So he didn’t have to lay there scared or in agony. They went to him real fast.”

Workers at the haunted house decided to donate half the proceeds from Halloween night to the victim’s family to help with medical expenses.

“We just ask people not to criticize either one of them. Just pray for both of them,” Burney said. “We’ve got a young man today that’s hurting pretty bad physically, and we’ve got a young man that’s hurting pretty bad mentally. Because he feels kind of responsible. His buddy got hurt. We just ask everybody to pray for the whole situation and everybody that was involved.”

The victim is in stable condition.