RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Right now the triangle is under a stay home order and starting Monday, the entire state of North Carolina will be too. For some, having their normal routines disrupted can take a toll on their mental health.

“If we have an underlying fear that maybe has come from a trauma or an unmet need from our past such as there’s not going to be enough or I don’t have control or something terrible is going to happen these tend to come up from the basement into the living room of our experience right now”, said psychologist  Dr. Barbara Lowe, owner of Greenleaf Psychological services in Durham.​​

Dr. Lowe says her biggest concerns during times of crisis and stress are suicides and overdoses. She says it’s important to check in with your loved ones and pay close attention to how they answer. ​​

“Sometimes people don’t come right out and share what’s going on but they might say ‘I’m doing fine’ we want to probe a little bit more”, said Dr. Lowe.

​​While stuck at home, now is the time to get creative to keep busy while still practicing social distancing. ​​

“Think about your day as far as blocks of time and try to structure it from the morning rather than let your day get away from you and your mood get away from you”, said Dr. Lowe. ​​

Dr. Lowe recommends walking outside or using social media as a way to connect with others. She says try to cut back on alcohol and never use it as a way to entertain or relax during this pandemic.​​

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