Six people in Wake County are still under quarantine after a measles case was reported just over two weeks ago.

The initial case was reported to the public on June 17 by Wake County officials.

There are now two cases and both are in Johnston County, Wake County spokeswoman Elizabeth Harmantzis said in a statement Monday to CBS 17.

One of the Johnston County cases was the initial Wake County person, who was transferred to Johnston County because that is where they live, Harmantzis said.

The quarantine time period for measles is 21 days, officials said.  Harmantzis said the people in quarantine have been exposed to the measles.

“The number of individuals under quarantine may change as we continue to investigate the case,” she said.


The original Wake County measles case came after the infected person traveled internationally.  

There was no immediate information about the second Johnston County measles case.

Measles symptoms generally appear about seven to 14 days after a person is infected.