NC bill would allow more children to use CBD oils

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) – A newly proposed bill would expand allowable medical uses of CBD oil in North Carolina.

Five years ago, in a moment of desperation, Abby Childers gave CBD oil to her child. Illegally.

“We had just been told that same day that Bethany’s bladder had shut down and that it probably wouldn’t be too long,” Childers says.

But Wednesday night, the now 10-year-old sits with her brother, naming off her toys.

“I attribute Bethany being here today to CBD,” Childers says.

Childers worked to make it legal to give kids like Bethany CBD. She succeeded. But it’s only kids who experience intractable epilepsy, like Bethany. No other conditions.

“My mission was not to get it passed only so that my child could benefit from it,” she says. “I want all children in North Carolina to benefit from this.”

So, she’s working with Senator Floyd McKissick to suggest some changes in this newly reintroduced bill.

Right now, you’ll find CBD with THC – the stuff that in high doses can get you high – lower than 0.3 percent on the shelves. But kids with intractable epilepsy can take CBD with THC lower than 0.9 percent.

These potential changes for its use would include conditions like autism, multiple sclerosis, and other neurological conditions and genetic disorders – for people of all ages. They would allow not only legal guardians to give the CBD, but registered nurses, too.

Childers wants to see medical use of CBD oil handled in more of a case-by-case basis.

“For the doctor to be able to at their own discretion decide, ‘Ok, we’ve tried a lot of drugs on this patient, and we really think this is important that they try this,’” she says.

Her daughter’s seizures aren’t completely gone. But she attributes her being there – on the family couch Wednesday – to this treatment.

“I don’t see any other way, anything else it could be other than a miracle,” she says. “Which, CBD, I feel like, was our miracle.”

Childers was there with McKissick presenting these changes to the Senate’s health care committee Wednesday.

There are several parts of the first version of the bill they would keep, including the requirement for a patient to have tried at least three other treatments before trying CBD.

The database that exists for patients who fall under this CBD use would also remain. It serves to protect them or their parents, should they have test results show up positive for CBD.

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