How to ensure a charity receives your donation


RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – It’s that time of year when we open our wallets to give to those in need.

But not all fundraisers are created equal.

The North Carolina Secretary of State tracks charities that operate in the state and lists how much money those charities pull in.

North Carolina charities collected more than $34 million in the past fiscal year.

That is a $10 million drop from the previous year.

But despite the fact less money was collected, the secretary of state said more money than ever went to charities.

Overall, charities in the state received 78 percent of every dollar donated.

But, sometimes most of the money raised for a charity never gets there.

The report also shows who raised the money for a charity, how much it collected, and what percentage went to the charity.

A solicitor named 33 Miles Touring raised more than $20,000 for “Food for the Hungry” but the organization never received any money, according to the report.

A solicitor named DCM raised more than $77,000 for the North Carolina Symphony, but the symphony barely received $6,000 from that fundraiser.

And MDS Communications Corporation raised more than $27,000 for the Special Olympics of North Carolina, with less than $3,000 actually making it to that organization.

When donating:

  • Give to established charities
  • Avoid go-fund me or social media requests unless you know the person
  • Don’t respond to emotional appeals
  • Anyone pressuring you into making a donation today—that’s a red flag. Any legitimate organization will welcome your donation jut as much tomorrow as they will today
  • The safest way to give is by credit card—because it offers the greatest protection for you.

Click here to file a complaint with the secretary of state’s office.

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