RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Familiar Donald Trump chants filled a field next to the General Assembly on Saturday afternoon.

“Lock her up!” “Drain the swamp!” and “Build that wall!” were some of the phrases heard during the event.

Several hundred Trump supporters gathered in downtown Raleigh for a “March 4 Trump” rally.

Similar demonstrations — on March 4 — happened all across the country.

Participants said it is an opportunity to show support for the president.

They say more people have gotten involved supporting Trump since the election.

“I think on the heels of it. It’s a springboard for a lot of people that have not been involved in politics before but came out. The organizers for this, it wasn’t us. The party didn’t do this. This was a group of grassroots people that came out for Trump last year,” said Charles Hellwig, Wake County GOP Vice Chairman.

There will be another pro-Trump rally in the same location on March 25.

That rally will be part of a nationwide event called the Make America Great Again March.

A few dozen people protested the Saturday afternoon rally and a billboard truck circled the square showing Trump with the Russian president.