(WGHP) — No, that’s not a piece of red velvet shaped like a mite. It’s a trombidiidae, which is also appropriately known as a red velvet mite, the National Parks Service reports.

The tiny mites, also called rain bugs, can be found after a heavy period of rain, so be on the lookout for one if you’re out in nature after yesterday’s downpour and last weekend’s showers.

The small arachnids come out of their burrows to feast on insects after the rain and can grow to almost half an inch.

Trombidiidae are harmless to humans, but we still don’t recommend trying to touch one, no matter how soft they look.

Their bright red color is likely a warning signal to let predators know how bad they taste.

One generation of the furry critters is born in North Carolina every year, according to NC State University.