RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – A woman shot in the chest and head during a 2014 double murder in Wake County described her ordeal for a jury during testimony Wednesday.

She said she just wanted to make sure her children didn’t have to watch her die.

Nate Holden, 33, is accused of the 2014 attempted murder of his estranged wife and the murder of her parents. The attack took place at the parents’ home in Wendell.

Anglia Taylor was shot to death in her home. Sylvester Taylor was found dead behind the home. Holden’s estranged wife, their daughter, LaTonya Taylor Allen, was wounded in the attack.RELATED: Opening statements today in trial for 2014 double murder of Wendell couple

In court Wednesday, LaTonya Taylor Allen recounted the attack.

She said she heard gunshots, her mother screaming and somebody running. She testified that she heard her mother yell out for her father, then more shots and running, and then still more shots.

She had hidden her children in a closet moments before Holden confronted her in a bedroom, she said.

“He had a gun in his hand and started yelling at me, ‘You don’t want to talk to me. I’m calling you, you don’t want to talk to me,'” she said. “And he started to pistol whip me. … I remember like my ear shattering and losing the hearing in one of my ears. He beat me in the face and upper body and he wouldn’t stop.”

She said Holden forced her to kneel.

“The gun fired off. I was still fighting and begging him just take me away. I didn’t want him to kill me there. … I didn’t want my children to see me dead,” she said.

Later, Allen’s son testified about being in the closet with his sisters at the attack happened.

He said he was scared as he heard the shots and the beating. His sisters were urging him to help his mother, who had put him in the closet, he said.

When the attack ended, he said, Holden knocked on the closet door, came up the children, said he loved them, called 911 and left.

Allen also testified about family strife that preceded the attack.

She said a text message scared her away from filing a restraining order against Holden. And she testified about an incident in which Holden ran her off the road.

Allen said Holden told her “I don’t know what I’m capable of doing.”

Allen the sought help at a public safety building. She went into the building shouting “My husband is trying to kill me and I need some help.” She was put in a back room.

In the trial’s first day on Tuesday, Allen testified that Holden beat their son with a metal broom, then called her at work to tell her about it. She later decided they couldn’t make the relationship work and took the children and moved in with her parents.

Holden was also said to have sent a text to Allen’s brother that said “things getting worse she won’t let me talk to the kids.” Testimony give by the brother also said Holden said in phone conversation “If I can’t have the kids, no one can.”RELATED: Defense argues Wake County double-killing suspect was distraught at end of marriage

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