“I don’t consider this work, I consider this an opportunity to give back.”


While most of us had the day off Kendall Harris has spent every Christmas for more than two decades serving those less fortunate.

Harris has volunteered for 21 straight years driving families in need in the Raleigh community.

“I don’t consider this work I consider this an opportunity to give back, to serve, to not forget where I come from,” said Kendall Harris, volunteer for the YMCA.

Christmas isn’t always about presents but also helping others while having joy amongst one another. For the past 21 Christmases, Harris has done just that.

“I think Christmas is every day first and foremost. I think giving people access to joy and peace and then authentic being transparent, just really loving on people that aren’t your own,” said Harris.

Harris will continue to drive and volunteer for the YMCA for years to come.

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