EL PASO, Texas (WNCN/Border Report) — Within eight days of one another, three U.S. women attempted to cross the Mexico border with more than your average souvenirs, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

Two of the women opted to use their vaginal cavities to transport varying amounts of fentanyl, while a third chose her rectal cavity as a hiding spot, CBP officers said.

The latest incident happened Monday when an unnamed 47-year-old woman attempted to cross into the U.S. on a pedestrian bridge with .07 pounds of fentanyl in her vaginal cavity, CBP said. According to officers at the Paso Del Norte Bridge, the woman was subject to a secondary, pat-down inspection where they said they felt a foreign object in her groin area.

The woman admitted to carrying the drugs and volunteered to remove the fentanyl, Border Report said Tuesday.

Photo courtesy of Border Report

Additionally, on June 11, a second woman also carrying fentanyl in her vaginal cavity was busted, only this time, officers said the drug-filled balloon had become dislodged.

CBP said a drug-sniffing dog was the first to alert officers to the smuggling attempt, also at the Paso Del Norte Bridge. Border Report said this woman was 34-years-old and the balloon contained .14 pounds of fentanyl.

“Smugglers will utilize any and all methods available to introduce contraband to the United States,” Hector A. Mancha said, a CBP El Paso Director of Field Operations. “CBP uses multiple layers of enforcement to identify and stop these smugglers. Those layers include technology, officer expertise, and canine enforcement teams.”

Finally, at a different border access, the Ysleta Port of Entry, a third woman had been busted on June 6. This woman, similar to the second suspect was also 34-years-old, but did not use the same hiding place.

According to CBP, this woman attempted to smuggle the largest of the three narcotic loads — .23 pounds of fentanyl—by placing it in her rectal cavity.

While no information was provided on how this smuggling attempt was spotted, CBP has since turned over all three women to Homeland Security for investigation and prosecution.