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Syria complains to UN about US airstrikes

BEIRUT (AP) - Syria's Foreign Ministry is complaining to the U.N. about airstrikes carried out by the U.S.-led coalition against the Islamic State group citing new mass graves discovered.

The ministry called on the U.N. secretary-general and the head of the Security Council to force the U.S.-led coalition to stop its airstrikes in Syria.

Thursday's statement came a day after a Syrian medical official said a new mass grave was discovered in the northern city of Raqqa that until last year was a stronghold and the de facto capital of IS. Syrian officials say the bodies of both civilians and IS fighters have been found in the graves.

The head of Al-Raqqa Doctors' Syndicate, Jamal al-Issa, said the new mass grave includes more than 1,500 bodies who were killed by airstrikes of the U.S.-led coalition that gave cover to U.S.-backed Syrian fighters who captured Raqqa from IS in October last year.

Al-Issa said that 4,000 dead persons in the city who were found in mass graves were added to those who were buried in the courtyard of the houses or were pulled out from underneath the rubble.

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