'Digital skimming' is latest way for criminals steal credit card info

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) - A group of international cyber criminals are going after your credit card information.

But they aren't using the usual tactics.

They are stealing your information as you buy things online.

Security experts are now trying to find ways to combat the attacks which are called "digital skimming."

By now, most of us are aware of skimmers on things like ATMs, credit card machines, or gas pumps.

Those skimmers have to be physically inserted or the devices must be altered in some way to steal your information.

Now, there’s a group of cyber criminals known as MAGECART who are skimming that information online.  

"MAGECART is an umbrella name and we currently have six different criminal groups that operate under this name," says Yonathan Klijnsma of RiskIQ.  

Most recently, flyers on British Airways were hit when the criminals stole around 380,000 credit card payments over a two-week period.

The hackers grabbed names, addresses, email, credit card numbers and even security codes.

"We’re only seeing this grow, which is a problem," says Klijnsma.

According to Risk IQ, the hackers manipulated the code inside the British Airways website so when customers purchased a ticket - the hackers also received the payment information.

Risk IQ says thousands of websites including Ticketmaster and electronics seller NewEgg have been hit either directly or through third party payment processors.

Security experts worry there are a lot more unreported attacks.

Credit card user Karen Thompson says tries to monitor her card usage online.

“It’s hard,” says Thompson. “You’re taking a chance every time you use it.”

Credit card user Elizabeth Gamble says her online credit card use is frequent.

“I use it for a lot of things online so I don’t know if it’s as secure as it should be,’’ she said.

For most of us, keeping our credit card info out of the hands of cyber skimmers is impossible if the attack happens in cyberspace at the point of sale - so you have only one option.

"Keep an eye on your credit card, make sure that there aren't any random payments or anything like that," says Alfred Ng of CNET.

It’s something not all of us do with regularly.

Once you’ve checked your monthly statement, it’s important you call your credit card company immediately if you notice any unauthorized purchases.

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