RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — This week, Amazon hit record numbers in Prime Day sales, making it their biggest sales event ever.  

Those record numbers of sales mean record numbers of packages being shipped—giving porch pirates a “prime” opportunity to steal your merchandise.   

When you order a package, you expect it to be a gift for you or for someone else. You don’t expect it to be a gift for a porch pirate.  

Unfortunately, more and more packages are being stolen every day.   

(Steve Sbraccia/CBS 17)

In a recent survey, 64 percent of us said at least one package was stolen from their doorstep in the last year. And a study by Safehome indicated almost half of us avoid buying expensive items for fear they will be taken from our doorstep.  

In the days ahead, Amazon will be shipping the 300-million items it sold during prime day, giving porch pirates an unprecedented opportunity to plunder those goods.  

Prime day created a lot of opportunities for porch pirates to be on the lookout for packages in larger quantities than usual thanks to all the deals on Prime Day,” said Cori Wagner, who is the Senior Industry Analyst at Safehome.  

Both organized groups, as well as those who see it as a crime of opportunity will grab packages– sometimes just moments after delivery people leave them on your porch.  

There are a lot of steps you can take to prevent porch piracy.  

“We recommend a security camera to keep an eye on your property even when no one is home,” said Wagner. “Have your packages delivered to your office if you are working outside your home.”  

Remove obstructions outside your home or cut them back.  

“Although trees and bushes look nice in the front yard, they also provide a lot of hiding spots for opportunistic criminals,” said Wagner.  

You can also pick up your packages at a distribution center, or Amazon Hub. You can find locations for those Amazon hubs here.  

You also can request a signature so you’ll know when the package arrives.  

If you package is stolen, you also need to notify your local law enforcement agency and make sure you get a police report to support that theft.  

Video evidence of the theft can help police identify the culprit or provide other clues as to who it is.  

If you can prove theft—in the case of Amazon, it will replace the item under its A-to-Z Guarantee

However, if the item was sold and shipped by a third party using the Amazon site to sell its merchandise, Amazon will not refund or replace it because, in most cases, it bears no responsibility for third party sales on its site.