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Answer Desk: Did the Education Rally work? NCAE President weighs in

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) - On May 16, 2018, thousands of protesters came to the state capital to demand North Carolina lawmakers provide more funding for education.

But did the protest nearly two months ago work? 

That's the question many people are asking today. CBS 17 investigative reporter Felicia Bolton tracked down the answer.

Despite not receiving the education funding and specific teacher raises that many protesters wanted in the state budget, the President of the North Carolina Association of Educators says the rally did work. 

NCAE President Mark Jewell said the purpose of the rally was to raise awareness of the lack of funding for public schools and organize community members. During the rally, nearly 30,000 educators, parents and community members came together on behalf of their students, Jewell said.


He says although they had a long list of demands and changes they wanted to see, the rally was just the beginning of their movement.

"This was all about accountability. This was a 6-month stretch. This wasn't a short session thing that we were going to get a huge set of wins. This was about making awareness to the public," said Jewell.  

Jewell stated their next step is to bring in NCAE presidents, vice presidents and officers next week to Raleigh for training. They plan to run advertisement campaigns to educate the community.  They also planned to reconnect with parents once school is back in session. 

Now that they've raised awareness, Jewell said they are now focused on the November election.

Jewell said they will be going door-to-door registering voters and canvassing communities to get people to support candidates who want more funding for schools.

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