RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – A recent study reveals that many adults don’t feel the need to strap on their seat belts while riding in the backseat.

The study reveals that people who use ride-hailing services are more likely not to buckle up in the backseat.

AAA Carolinas is warning passengers that failing to buckle up in the back can have devastating consequences.

The report showed that people are least likely to buckle up in the back when they are taking a short-distance ride in a hailed car — like an Uber or taxi.

Four out of five adults surveyed say short trips or traveling by taxi or ride-hailing service are times they don’t bother to use a belt. But even this could be deadly.

“In a simulated 35 mph impact, the un-belted dummy slams into the back of the driver seat…pushing the driver dummy into the deploying airbag and steering wheel. Drivers are twice as likely to be killed in accidents when the occupant behind them is unrestrained,” said senior research engineer Jessica Jermakian.

AAA Carolinas reminds passengers to always wear a seat belt – no matter the distance traveled or where you’re sitting in the car.

Motorists should always check to ensure all of their passengers are belted before taking off – for the passengers’ safety and their own.