RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Thousands of people who’ve had trouble with the keyboards on their Apple laptops may be getting money from the tech giant as part of a settlement of a $50-million lawsuit.

Back when Apple’s thin laptop with the new technology keyboard was first marketed, it was greeted with enthusiasm, but for some, the enthusiasm waned when they began to experience problems with its so-called butterfly keyboard.

People complained about:

  • Stuck and broken keys
  • Random double letters
  • Skipped keystrokes and other problems

The butterfly keyboard was introduced in 2015 to allow for a thinner laptop, but the mechanism under the keys which is shaped like a butterfly’s wing, wasn’t up to the task.

Apple’s attempts to fix the problem really didn’t work because the repairs involved the same butterfly keyboard technology and changing out an entire Apple keyboard system is a very expensive repair.

Frustrated owners of the butterfly keyboard used on Mac laptops filed a class action suit in 2018 claiming Apple knew the keyboards were defective and that it concealed that fact.

The suit has finally been approved by a judge.

Without admitting wrongdoing, Apple agreed to a $50 million settlement.

There are 16 models of Apple laptops covered in the lawsuit which were sold between 2015 and 2019.

The lawsuit allows for a maximum of $395 per person to compensate for the keyboard issues —but to be eligible you have to have had repairs made to your butterfly keyboard.

Payments will vary based on three repair subgroups which include people who had multiple top case repairs to those who’ve had individual keycaps replaced.

To file a claim, you must have purchased your laptop new and submit a claim form by March 6.

Your laptop repairs also must have taken place within the first four years of ownership.

The butterfly keyboard is no longer used in Apple laptops. The tech giant phased it out in 2020.