Beware of travel scams during spring break season


RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – We’re in the season of spring breaks and college students are heading out across the country and the world – looking for places to vacation.

But there are people trying to take advantage of those travelers.

This year, the average student will spend $370 just for travel to a vacation location on spring break.

Whether you are heading to the shore, the mountains or somewhere else, you’ve got to be careful how you book your trip.

Most of us no longer use travel agents, we do it ourselves and there are scam booking sites out there waiting to steal your money.

“A good first step is check with to look up the company you are booking with,” said Mallory Wojciechowski of the BBB Eastern NC. “Make sure they are legitimate and read about other customers experience with that company.”

Scam sites sometimes steal legit rental property pictures and use them as their own.

“You can do a right click and do a Google image search and find out if that image is being listed other places,” said Wojciechowski.

If you are flying, before you ever get on the aircraft, make sure you can get through the TSA Checkpoint without a problem.

TSA spokeswoman Sari Koshetz says what slows down lines for everyone is contraband removed from suitcases and liquids in containers too large to take into the cabin of the aircraft.

You might be taking some items with you on break that look innocuous enough to you, but they’ll have to be checked.

“Anything larger than a cell phone has to be put in a bin to make sure that everyday item doesn’t contain explosives,” said Koshetz.

And once you get to your destination, be wary of those special discount coupons or fliers handed out on the street or slid under your hotel room door.

“Scam artists are creating phony deal looking for you to call,” said Wojciechowski. “You call thinking you’re placing an order but you are giving your card info to a scam artist.”

If you get a flier or coupon like that, go online and look for a website.

If you find it, call and check about the deal you’re seeing to make sure it’s legit.

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