CBS 17 helps Wake County woman get her rent paid by COVID-19 eviction prevention program


ROLESVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) – A Rolesville woman enrolled in a special COVID-19 program to help pay rents turned to CBS 17 after waiting months for that program to fulfill its promise.

After digging into her story, Consumer Investigator Steve Sbraccia was able to get her help.

Nancy Powell lost a marketing job when the business she worked for shut down because of the pandemic.

She was able to pick up a freelance gig but found herself unemployed again in December when the contract for the job expired.

That left her needing help with the rent for her townhouse.

In April, she applied for help from House Wake.

It’s a COVID-19 eviction prevention program administered for the county by a national non-profit vendor.

After submitting the necessary documentation, Powell was approved for a program.

“They said in the beginning of June, they’d have money sent to my landlord within 7 days,” Powell said. “It never happened.”

The program is designed to send money from the vendor to be directly deposited into the landlord’s account.

Not only was June’s rent not sent, but July’s rent for her townhouse was also never sent to her landlord.

Powell wanted to know why so she asked called the vendor.

“They were like, ‘we know you’re upset and we’re working on it,'” she said.

They told her, “There’s just a lot of stuff going on in the office about getting organized.”

Powell provided CBS 17 with an email sent by her landlord back on July 23 to the vendor asking the company where the rent money was, but that generated no answer.

“She said they didn’t respond to her,” said Powel..

After hearing the story, Sbraccia sent an email to the person in charge of Powell’s case working for the vendor.

Sbraccia also emailed the county, and it was the one who responded saying it had worked with the vendor and the Wake County Housing Department to get answers.

In its email, the county said, “We are aware of this applicant’s concerns and have been working closely with the landlord to deliver payment today.”

Powell said finally getting her money will be a lifesaver for her, giving her some financial relief as she looks to find another job.

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