Flying with your feast: What you need to check and what you can carry on


RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – If you’re traveling during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, you might want to exercise some patience no matter how you’re planning to get to your destination. 

And if you’re traveling by air, things can get really interesting, especially if you’re flying with food.

Simply getting through airport security can be a challenge and an exercise in endurance during busy travel times.

And with a record number of folks expected to fly over the next few days, you’ll more than likely experience longer lines and wait times getting through TSA checkpoints—especially because folks may be taking more than clothing with them.

The Transportation Security Administration says it’s doing everything it can to make your trip on the friendly skies less stressful by pinpointing what you can and cannot bring on-board a plane and during the holidays, a lot of folks like to fly with the fixings for holiday meal.

The TSA says increasing numbers of travelers are bringing food on-board the aircraft—food like pumpkin pies.

Holding a packaged pie in a sealed box, transportation security officer Rochelle Graham said, “This one is able to go through your carry-on baggage.”

Security officers say if the food is solid and packaged, like marshmallows for instance, it’s okay to carry on.

But remember the rules on liquids–which even apply to things like canned vegetables.

“Those items fall under something called the 3-1-1 rule,” said Graham. “That means they have to be under 3.4 ounces.  If it’s larger….you’ll need to put them in your checked baggage.”

That 3-1-1 rule includes anything you can pour, spread or spray.

Make sure you know what can and can’t put in your carry-on when it comes to liquids.

“If it’s not done the right way it can cause delays in screening time,” explained Graham.

Yes. you can bring your turkey on-board, but it needs to be completely frozen.

If it’s thawing out and there’s liquid in the bag, the bird has to be packed.

And of course things like carving knives need to be packed in your bag—not in your carry-on.

Something else to keep in mind if you’re planning on bringing the turkey day dinner with you: each item will have to be taken out and placed in separate bins at the security check-in.

That’s another reason why it’s always a good idea to get to the airport early.

RDU International Airport estimates 290,000 will use the airport to go to and come back from Holiday get-togethers this year.

They say their 2019 holiday trace period begins Monday and ends Sunday.

RDU CEO Michael Landguth says Sunday will be the biggest travel day of the period because most folks will be ending their holiday vacations then.

He says there should be enough parking available but anticipates the outlying economy lots will fill up first.

Landguth says an online reservation system will allow you to insure you’ll have a space somewhere on airport property if you want to utilize it.

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