Fort Bragg family frustrated by mold situation at military housing


FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) – A military family is frustrated with the mold situation in their Fort Bragg home and turned to CBS 17 looking for help.

The problems date back to last February but really took off earlier this month.

Pointing to a photo of exposed fiberglass insulation and wall studs, Taylor Padgett described what was discovered covering them after the wallboard was removed by contractors just two days ago.

“All this black stuff here is mold from water damage,” she said.

Padgett said the mold found two days ago is an extension of the mold problems that burst forth earlier this month in her kids’ playroom.

She said by the time workmen got around to looking at the playroom problem in early August, it had gotten worse.

“It had spread up the wall,” she said. “They (the management company) said they put in for a contractor because they couldn’t find where the leak was coming from.”

She said as the contacting crew began pulling out the wallboard, it found more mold.

“Any time it rained, the water started pouring through the wall onto the floor,” she said.

A report by an independent, third-party house inspector she hired found leaking windows were part of the problem.

She said mold first spotted by the HVAC system in February is spreading.

“It’s underneath my kitchen sink. There’s mold on a bedroom window, there’s mold around the HVAC unit,” she said. “Actually, there is mold everywhere.“

With mold all over the house, the family was forced to move into a hotel on-base until another home can be located. She said a vacant home can’t be provided until Sept. 8, so they may have to go temporarily go back to the moldy home.

“They want me to go back into my current home on Friday if it’s deemed safe,” she said.

“Right now, I’m not allowed to gather all my belongings like clothes for my children because it’s not safe,” she said.”I don’t see how in two to three days it’ll be safe.”

Padgett wants the property management company to pay for decontaminating mold spores for all the family’s possessions that are in the house being repaired.

She also would like her family to be moved off-post, but the property management company said that’s not possible.

CBS 17 has reached out to the property management company to find out what they have to say and is awaiting a response.

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