Getting the Real ID: What you need to know


RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – Getting on an airplane is soon going to require a new kind of identification.

It’s called Real ID, and although the deadline for having the new ID is still just about a year away, officials are warning travelers not to wait until the last minute to get one.

A license with the Real ID certification embedded on it will be the new requirement if you want to use that as an ID at an airport to prove who you are.

The Real ID seal looks like Captain America’s shield with a star in the middle it. That logo will be placed on the upper right corner of your Real ID compliant license.

Almost 13 million people passed through the checkpoints at RDU—and the TSA says only a small percentage of them already have real ID.

“It look as though about 22 percent of the passengers have some means of Real ID,” said the TSA’s Beth Walker.

The requirement mandating Real ID at security checkpoints goes into full effect at airports in October of 2020, and right now a lot of travelers aren’t sure about the details.

Other travelers know the deadline is coming, but they are procrastinating.

Traveler Cara Orsini says she doesn’t have her Real ID yet, and knows, “it’s going to be a bear” to get it at the DMV.

Orsini told consumer investigator Steve Sbraccia “that’s our next ‘To-Do’ list item.”

You can wait in line at the state DMV to get it or make an appointment, but don’t wait too long. The president of the RDU Airport Authority found that out the hard way.

“When I called the DMV about 4 weeks ago for my real ID and the update to my driver’s license—I couldn’t get it scheduled until March 26th,” said Michael Landguth.

Real ID was conceived after 9/11 as a way to prove people’s identity and place of residence.

It requires specific documents when you apply, like a certified birth certificate or passport (if you have one), along with two documents that will prove your identity.

You’ll also need a social security card or W-2 and two documents with your current address.

The complete list of acceptable documents can be found here.

“TSA estimates on Oct. 1st 2020, if people do not get their new licenses, there could be as many as 1 million passengers a day across the country without the proper ID,” said TSA’s Sari Koshetz.

Officials say at this point, there are no plans to extend the Real ID deadline beyond next October, which means if you don’t have it by then—you won’t be getting through that airport checkpoint.

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