In 3rd building with problems, ex-student says mold was ‘everywhere’ in St. Augustine’s dorm


RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — There are more questions about on-campus student housing at Saint Augustine’s University where issues have been highlighted by CBS 17 this week.

A former student reached out to CBS 17 consumer investigator Steve Sbraccia about mold in one of the dorms.

 CBS 17 authenticated her claim that she attended the Raleigh university by viewing her student ID as well as several documents which showed she attended school in Sept 2018 and lived in Weston Hall, which is a woman’s dormitory. 

The former student provided video and still pictures to CBS 17 showing conditions in Weston Hall while she was a student.

She agreed to speak, but asked not to be identified. 

“There was mold in the air vents,” she said. “As soon as you walk in the dorm room you would be breathing it,” the former student said.

She said the mold was all over the room.

“Mold before you could even walk in to the bathroom, before you could it make it to the showers. Basically everywhere in the bathroom and showers — everywhere, even in the dorm room itself,” she said.

Weston Hall is the third student housing building at Saint Augustine’s that CBS 17 has been told has problems.

On Monday, we aired photographs taken at the Latham Hall dormitory sent to us by a concerned grandparent of a student. Those image showed black substances that appeared to be mold covering several walls as well as around a light fixture.

Thursday, CBS 17 showed images of a hole in the floor at the school’s Falkcrest Apartments.

According to a Raleigh Fire Department report obtained by CBS 17, on Jan. 6 the school’s director of housing fell through the floor and into a crawl space four feet below at Falkcrest Apartments.

Now, we are learning about issues in Weston Hall regarding what the former student says was mold. She says the school’s efforts to remove it were ineffectual.

“It would look like it was going away, but then it would pop up the next day like he did nothing at all,” the former student said.

After the first reports of mold in Latham Hall, CBS 17 spoke with school officials.

“We had mold remediation and we are taking care of the problem as we get reports,” Vice President of Student Services Keith Smith said.

The former student described how the problem was dealt with in her room.

“They would bring somebody in. They would spray chemicals on the mold or he would look at it and weeks later he would paint over it,” the former student said.

Experts CBS 17 consulted say remediation needs to be done with special chemicals and removed by workers in protective suits with respirators.

The former student says that’s not what she saw.

“He was dressed in jeans, tennis shoes and a t-shirt,” she said.

Experts say it takes a lab test to determine what kind of microbial growth is involved — be it mold or mildew.

The school has insisted it is dealing with mildew, not mold.

CBS 17 has asked the school how it determines it’s dealing with mold or mildew and exactly what techniques it is using to remediate the issue.

As of Friday evening, they have not responded to inquires.

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