RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — There are millions of cars driving on the roads today with known safety issues that should be repaired, but many drivers are ignoring the recall notices to get them fixed.

Every time you drive a car, there’s a degree of risk but it may not be the other car on the road, it could be your vehicle.  

It turns out 1-in-5 cars on the road nationwide has an open recall.

There are more than 50-million vehicles on the road nationwide with open recalls and North Carolina ranks 8th among states for cars with unrepaired recall defects.

“North Carolina has more than 1.6 million vehicles on the road with open recalls,” said Carfax’s Emilie Voss.

Carfax is a service which provides vehicle history information. It also has tools that’ll let you know if a vehicle has been recalled. 

Consumer Investigator Steve Sbraccia decided to see how common open recalls were, so he began roaming a random Raleigh parking lot with an iPad that had the Carfax recall tool on it. 

Within two minutes he discovered James Bullock’s Nissan which has been recalled for hood latch repair. 

 “If the hood becomes unlatched on the highway the hood could pop open,” said Bullock.  

Sbraccia asked him how long it would be before he had it taken care of. Bullock told him, “as soon as I get time.” 

With used cars being a hot commodity these days, you need to watch out for open recalls. 

Sbraccia wanted to know how an open recall could impact the price of a used vehicle being sold. 

“It could affect the resale value,” said Voss. “If you are shopping for a used car, you should be aware of open recalls.” 

Although federal law prohibits the sale of new cars with outstanding recalls, it doesn’t prevent a used car from being sold with a recall in effect. 

Don’t put off those recall repairs, because they are a safety issue for you and anyone else in your vehicle. 

Also recall repairs usually don’t take the dealer a long time to fix because the automaker has already supplied the dealer with parts to make multiple recall repairs. 

Federal law also says all recall repairs are supposed to be free of charge and made in a reasonable amount of time.