RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — If you’re thinking of buying a new car, price should not be your only concern. 

FBI figures indicate auto thefts jumped 34 percent during the first half of this year in many areas of the country, including here in the Triangle in both Raleigh and Durham. 

That mirrors stats compiled by the Council on Criminal Justice.

The high cost of auto theft could hurt you financially if you buy a vehicle most likely to be stolen. 

Thefts of Kias and Hyundaiss are grabbing all the headlines, but they aren’t among the top vehicles being stolen. 

The Dodge Charger has that dubious distinction topping a list by the Highway Loss Data Institute.  

At the very top of the list were the Hellcat variants of the Charger,” said Matt Moore, a Senior Vice President with the Highway Loss Data Institute. “In the number two spot were the Hemi-powered versions of the Charger.” 

Theft claims for the Hellcat were 60 times more frequent than other vehicles and thefts of the Charger Hemi were 20 times higher than average according to the institute. 

The recent dealership thefts of Hellcats and Hemi versions of the Charger caught on surveillance video from the John Hiester dealership in Lillington last December are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to stolen vehicles. 

Many of the vehicles on the top 20 list are powerful or pricey and or are pickup trucks,” said Moore. 

That includes BMW models, Infiniti’s, and Land Rovers. 

Hyundais and Kias make the list of most stolen vehicles because many lack immobilizers and need a software update to make them more theft-proof. 

That’s why the Highway Loss Data Institute compiled a list of cars most likely to be stolen as well as a list of cars least likely to be taken by thieves.

The key takeaway from this list is that if you own a vehicle at the top, you can expect to pay more for theft insurance,” said Moore. “Whereas if you have a vehicle at the bottom of the list, you can expect to pay less. 

Electric vehicles may be desirable to buyers, but not so much to thieves which is why they’re among vehicles with the lowest insurance claim frequency for theft.  

Electric vehicles need to be charged on a regular basis,” said Moore. “Perhaps it’s safe to assume that at nighttime they’re either parked in a garage or in a well-lit place. Both of those things would reduce the risk of theft.”

If you want to cut insurance premiums install an anti-theft system in your vehicle.

Even an old-school steering wheel lock can help lower your premiums. 

If you’ve added an anti-theft system, remember to let your insurance company know you’ve done that so you can get that discount.