More people want to work from home even after pandemic is over, survey finds


RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN)– The pandemic fundamentally changed the way we work and socialize and although a vaccine for COVID-19 looks like it’s on the horizon, even if it’s successful, a lot of people may want to continue working from home once the pandemic passes.

When the pandemic began, offices emptied out and people were told they had to work from home.
At first, many folks longed to get back to the office.

Now after nine months of working from home, many folks never want to return to the office again.

When working from the office ended, Raleigh resident Lais Martins was apprehensive.

“I thought it was going to be hard not seeing my co-workers and sharing ideas,” she said.

But, remote working platforms allowed us to keep sharing ideas and staying in contact with co-workers.

A recent survey by Cisco says 87 percent of remote workers like working from home and want the option to keep doing so.

Several major corporations are offering many of its employees the ability to do their job at home permanently, including Zillow.

“Most of the impact we’ve seen has been positive,” Zillow’s Chief People Officer Dan Spaulding told CBS News.

A study by Robert Half, a job recruiting agency, indicates 61 percent of companies are advertising fully remote jobs.

“I think this is the new normal and that data shows that as well,” Robert Half’s  Paul McDonald told CBS news.

A recent IBM study says while more than half of the people would like to continue remotely working, 75 percent thought going into the office now and again would be helpful.

“I think people need a change of venue,” said Brad Walker, who is self employed. “After a while it sure is nice to come home to something and refreshing. You don’t get that if you work from home every single day.”

Although some companies will give up their pricey real-estate, many firms believe some sort of office environment will continue to be necessary.

“We believe that in the future, even if people are working from home it’s going to be important that they have our offices to get together, collaborate,” said Spaulding.

Martins says splitting her time between the office and home would be a good compromise for her.

“I can still have social interaction at work, but I can also have some time when I work from home with my own time management,” she said.

What it all means is that, down the road, companies will need to support and embrace hybrid work environments even as remote working continues to grow and be a big part of a company’s workforce.

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