NC expands investigation into roofing firm some claim they paid, but never did work


CBS 17 has learned the North Carolina Attorney General’s office is now involved in an investigation of a roofing company accused of taking people’s money and not doing the repairs that were paid for by customers.

 The investigation is a story consumer investigator Steve Sbraccia first told you about on Tuesday when he revealed the state department of insurance’s probe into Above and Beyond Roofing. 

 In a separate investigation, the N.C. Attorney General’s office is looking into a  half dozen complaints filed with that office which represent more than $52,000 customers say they lost when they paid Above and Beyond Roofing for repairs that they claim never happened.

 “We’ve had multiple complaints, about six, against this company, which for one small housing contractor is not insubstantial,” said N.C. Attorney General Josh Stein.

Among the complaints is one from a Raleigh man who lost more than $8,000. In his complaint, he said Jared Guy, a former sales rep for the company, told him there were “approximately 25 homeowners in the same situation with services paid for but not rendered.” 

Guy now owns his own roofing and repair firm called Above Average Consulting.

Consumer investigator Steve Sbraccia contacted Guy who confirmed the quote to the Raleigh homeowner regarding the 25 homeowners was accurate.

He also said he quit working for Above and Beyond Roofing over a pay dispute saying, “I experienced not getting weekly draws. After two weeks of that, I quit and went out on my own.”

Guy said roofing repair is a “big lucrative industry” and even though he doesn’t work for Above and Beyond Roofing anymore, he believed owner Ricardo Romero “will try to make it right for customers.”

Those customers include John Hayes of Raleigh who told CBS 17 he paid more than $10,000 for a roof repair that never occurred.

The roofing company’s Raleigh offices are no longer operative, but CBS 17 was able to obtain a phone number for Ricardo Romero.

When CBS 17 contacted Romero by phone, he said, “I’m trying to pay people back. I’ve been working on this for a few months.”

During the phone conversation, Romero claimed some customers received refunds.

“I just paid some people back a couple of weeks ago. Have you spoken to those people? You can confirm that,” he said.

CBS 17 asked Romero if he would provide names and phone numbers of those people and told Romero he could text that information to CBS 17 so we could talk to those who were supposedly repaid.

Romero replied, “I’ll be happy to.”

He added, “If you want to send me a text, I’m driving right now, but I can check it when I get stopped.”

CBS 17 sent Romero a text asking for names and phone numbers to verify refunds, but Romero never replied. And subsequent phone calls to Romero now go a voice mailbox which won’t accept any messages.

Meanwhile, Stein says the investigation continues.

“Based on what we learn, we’ll make a decision on whether it’s something we want to go to court about,” said Stein.

To avoid having money taken by a contractor, Stein warns customers should never pay up front for a repair job.

He says to only pay in stages as the work is being completed.

This link offers other advice from the Attorney General as well as provides a way to file a complaint regarding a contractor.

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