RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — With hurricane season nearing, the North Carolina State Department of Insurance warns homeowners that they need to be aware of roofing contractors who defraud people with fake repairs or other schemes.

There are lots of good, reputable roofing contractors out there, but some others skirt the law or are downright fraudulent.

Let’s say you’ve got an old but undamaged roof on your house, then in the mail, you get a solicitation saying a roofing company can get insurance to pay for a new roof.

That’s a huge red flag, officials say. 

“Be very skeptical anytime unsolicited mail is received or someone comes door-to-door,” said Frank Rodriguez, deputy commissioner of the North Carolina Department of Insurance’s Criminal Investigation Division.

The department recommends before you hire a roofing contractor you need to:

  • Research the company online and check reviews/complaints
  • Get multiple estimates
  • Ask for the contractors’ certificate of insurance

Roofers who show up at door unsolicited or send offers can be problematic.

Rodriguez said some flyers being sent to homes in Apex are misleading. Some read “insurance will be replacing roofs in your neighborhood,” and “offering a new roof for the cost of the deductible.”

“I would consider this as being misleading,” he said.

Particularly troubling to investigators from his division is language suggesting the roofer can file a claim for the homeowner.

“One of our investigators reached out to the company and expressed our concern,” he said. “We put them on notice.”

Before getting a roofing contractor to do an insurance job on your roof, a licensed adjuster has to be sent out.

“You should be the one requesting that,” Rodriguez said.

In fact, the insurance agency says almost 20 percent of its budget goes towards investigating insurance fraud.

Complaints about roofer insurance fraud can be made to the department’s hotline at 855-408-1212.

You can also file a complaint online here on the NCDOI website.